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Windows & Doors

How can we help ?

We have extensive experience in the procurement and sourcing of all types of timber and PVCu windows & doors.

We can supply -

  • Hardwood & softwood windows & doors, next day urgent bespoke upvc windows & doors Softwoods Windows & Doors - Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Pitch Pine & Yellow Pine.
  • Hardwoods - including Oak, Iroko, Idigbo, Mahogany & Teak.
  • All colours and manners - of PVCu Windows & Doors.
  • Next day made to measure PVCu windows & doors service.
  • Casement, Box Sash, Marginal Bar, Cottage and Bay Windows.
  • Internal & External softwood and hardwood doors in any style.
  • One-off items.
  • Rooflights, Sun Pipes, Sky Tubes, Sky Lights & Sola Tube can all be supplied.
  • Rooflights, Velux & Facro, conservation & escape windows.
  • Conservation Rooflights, Cast lightpipes & rooflights for a traditional look, Victorian rooflights made from recycled steel.
  • Small Volume and bulk sourcing to meet your requirements.
  • Specialist materials or services.
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

Instances where we helped.

  1. Iroko casement windows, doors & sidelights for a sympathetic barn conversion.
  2. Specialist colour matching for PVCu windows & doors on a commercial build.
  3. Windows & doors for a new build were supplied the day after placing an order with us.
  4. Large section Oak picture windows.
  5. All manner of more standard softwood, PVC and Hardwood windows have been sourced and supplied for residential & commercial new builds & extensions.

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