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Terms & Conditions

Please Note

The term "subscription" refers to the schedule of payments made by you and processed at your request by PayPal, a payment provider for Source For Me Ltd, hereafter referred to as Source4me. The term "account" refers to the facility provided by Source4me whereby you are granted access to the subscribed calculators area of the source4me.co.uk website. Each ?cycle? starts from the date a payment is taken and runs for one month.

The Agreement:

  1. Your Account
    1. Create and Activate - Account creation and activation is subject to receipt of the appropriate payment or payments. If the email address you supply is false, misspelt, inactive, or subject to measures that prevent the receipt of emails from Source4me you may not receive details of your account or further important emails and your account may be terminated. Source4me accepts no responsibility if important information is not received. You may change your listed email address by visiting the contact page, filling in your details and typing your username, password and new email address in the "enquiry" box.
    2. Duration - Your account will remain active for one month each time your 0.50 subscription fee is paid (one payment cycle). You must have an active payment agreement in operation with PayPal relating to your account for it to remain open, and it will be deactivated at the end of a payment cycle if such an agreement ceases to exist.
    3. Availability - While your account is open you will be granted unrestricted access to either the pc accessed subscription calculators or the mobile subscription calculators area of source4me.co.uk, depending on the subscription account. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the site is available at all times there may be occasions when, due to unforeseen technical difficulties that may affect the server, the internet in general, or other equipment, the site (including the subscribed area or areas) may be unavailable. Source4me makes no representation that the site will be available at all times and accepts no liability for any temporary unavailability, for which refunds will not be made.
    4. Payment - By taking out a subscription on the source4me.co.uk site you request PayPal to transfer 0.50 (less fees & charges) to source4me from your elected credit or debit card and to make further transfers on a recurring monthly basis (payments are made to cover the subscription period for the forthcoming month, if account termination occurs part-way through a subscription your account will remain active until the end of the current payment cycle). These transfers will continue until you cancel your account and instruct PayPal to stop these transfers (see section B). Please note that source4me is not made aware of your card details, and as such is unable to make charges to your card or payment options. The payment agreement you make when you subscribe is between yourself and PayPal, and it is your responsibility to administer this agreement. Source4me cannot be held responsible for unwanted transfers of money made as a result of your negligence to administer your agreement to your satisfaction, and regrets that, due to the charges involved, cannot make refunds for any payments accidentally made in this manner. Subscriptions may be subject to price changes, but you will be notified in advance of any alterations and given the opportunity to cancel your subscription should you so wish. If we are unable to contact you in the event of a price change your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current payment cycle and you will need to re-subscribe to continue using the subscribed calculators.
    5. Payment Plan - The payment plan consists of a single subscription fee of 0.50 which is non-refundable and is paid in advance for one full month subscription to either the PC or mobile subscription calculators. At the end of each month, unless you have cancelled the payment to PayPal (see A. 4), a 0.50 charge will be transferred from your card automatically to cover the next subscription period (another full month) in line with the request you made of PayPal when you took out your subscription. Should your subscription end for any reason before the end of the month (see section B) you will continue to have access to the source4me subscribed calculators area or areas (depending on pc and/or mobile subscription) until the end of your current payment cycle. Automatic transfers will continue on a monthly basis until you terminate the agreement you made with PayPal.
    6. What You Get ? For your 0.50 monthly subscription you will be able to choose a username and password giving you unlimited access to either the pc or mobile accessed subscription calculators area of the source4me website. The subscribed areas of the site may or may not be updated with new material at any point. If before the end of any payment cycle you decide you do not wish to continue your subscription you may cancel your payment with PayPal and your account will be terminated (for more information see section B). Source4me cannot be held responsible for unwanted transfers of money made as a result of your negligence to administer your agreement to your satisfaction, and regrets that, due to the charges involved, cannot make refunds for any payments accidentally made in this manner
    7. Accuracy - The subscription calculators are provided as access to an ongoing project. Source4me accepts no liability for reliance upon the calculations given. Theoretical values will differ to site values, which is why this is an ongoing project in an attempt to assertain more accurate site values. This however, will still differ according to many factors, not limited to: site conditions, weather, accuracy of bagged or loose goods, accuracy of measurements taken, moisture contents, skill of operatives, accuracy of operatives, accuracy of manufactured or quarried goods and so on. Feedback on accuracy of the calculators is appreciated.
  2. Account Termination - your account will be terminated under any of the following      conditions:
    1. Subscription Cancellation - You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and using the unsubscribe button (this links directly to Paypal). Source4me does not accept email requests for cancellation as these may easily be forged, and because we are unable to access your personal PayPal account to terminate your monthly subscription. If you send an email requesting the cancellation of your account you will be directed to the online cancellation facility. Your account will not be cancelled and your subscription will not be stopped. You remain liable for any further payments made in the interim. You are solely responsible for the termination of this agreement and Source4me neither accepts responsibility nor issues refunds for further payments made as a result of your negligence. It is also possible to cancel your subscription directly through PayPal. When you choose to cancel your payment your account will be closed at the end of the payment cycle (this will be one month after the most recent 0.50 subscription charge has been paid). If your subscription is cancelled, and if for any reason we receive notification that your subscription agreement has been terminated (whether it was your intention to do this or to close your account or not) your account will be closed at the end of the subscription cycle. It is your responsibility to ensure that your subscription agreement remains active for the duration of the period that you wish to access the site and Source4me accepts no responsibility for any failure on your part to do so.
    2. Subscription Failure - If a due subscription payment fails to be made, your account will be closed. Potential reasons for subscription payments failing include the card from which payments are made expiring, being cancelled, or having insufficient funds available. Three attempts will be made by PayPal to process the transfer you arranged with them. If all three attempts fail then your account will be closed, usually within 48 hours. If you still wish to use the site you will need to create a new subscription.
    3. Account Misuse ? Source4me reserves the right to close without warning any accounts being used for any purpose other than for the access and personal use of the calculators available. Possible forms of misuse include, but are not restricted to the following: (i) Data theft - information provided is for the benefit of the individual subscriber only, and must not be shared, published, or otherwise disseminated in any way; (ii) password-sharing - the sharing of login details is strictly prohibited. Should this situation occur your account will be closed with immediate effect; (iii) incorrect information - if the information you provide about yourself is false or incorrect you may be denied access to your account or your account may be closed. This applies in particular to the sign-up process where the use of a false or inaccurate email address or one which cannot receive emails from Source4me, for which we accept no responsibility and for which no refunds will be issued. (iv) Multi-user ? the subscription payment of 0.50 is intended for single personal use, should it become apparent that there are multiple users the account will be closed. No refunds will be given for any accounts closed due to misuse. If your account is closed for misuse you will be sent an email outlining the reasons for this, it will be your responsibility to cancel the monthly payment through PayPal. Any payments sent after the termination of your account as a result of your payment agreement remaining active are understood to be donations to Source4me and are gratefully received.
    4. Subscription payment dispute - If you dispute with your credit card company a payment which you have already made and which, as a result of, we have in good faith provided services and access to our site (or which you have made as a result of your failure to cancel your payment agreement), you will remain liable for those payments and in addition a 10 charge per disputed payment. You will be billed for these amounts until payment is received in full, and interest may be applied. Additional charges may also be made to take into account currency fluctuation. In the case of persistent non-payment your debt may be passed on to a third-party debt collection agency. This may affect your credit rating, and could result in legal action being taken against you.
  3. Refunds Policy
    1. Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management, and will be made in exceptional circumstances only, due to the extra costs these refunds incur. Refunds will not be granted for cancelled subscriptions either wholly or in part. A refund will be considered if there has been a failure on the part of Source4me to fulfil the terms of this agreement, but under no circumstances whatsoever will a refund be considered once the account has been created. Any payments sent after the termination of your account as a result of your payment agreement remaining active are understood to be donations to Source4me and are gratefully received. They are not refundable, and should you dispute them after the event you remain liable for them under the same conditions as disputed subscription payments (see B. 4).
These terms and conditions are the current terms and conditions covering subscriptions to Source4me and supersede any previous terms and conditions and may be superseded in themselves or amended in future without prior consultation. If you have any queries please contact us before subscribing.

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