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Public Sector & Local Authorities

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We can supply building materials to Local Authorities, schools, colleges, universities and all other public sectors.

We have extensive experience in the sourcing and procurement of all building materials within the construction industry. Be it clay, concrete, timber or plastic. We can also supply one off and small quantity items, this includes products that are hard to locate or match, perhaps they haven't been manufactured for some time. It may be a particular brick, timber profile or any other item that you need to match.

  • Public sector and local authority suppliers Local Authorities - We are a National web & telephone based builders merchant specialising in the sourcing and procurement of hard to locate or urgent building materials . We are happy to submit tenders for all public sector contracts.
  • LEA, Schools, Colleges, Universities - We can supply one off and small quantity items, this includes hard to locate building materials and construction supplies.
  • Purchasing Card - We are also able to accept payment by card, thereby enabling you to order through your purchasing card, we can also invoice to line item detail.

As an advocate of construction best practice:

We approach each opportunity of partnership with the knowledge that it will have unique requirements that demand our innovative and individual response.

We have built an infrastructure that allows us to provide a tailor-made service solution for all aspects of building procurement.

For more information or to discuss your requirements please contact us on 0845 803 7769 or email partnering@source4me.co.uk

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