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Pre Cast & Concrete

How can we help ?

Our extensive experience at Source For Me is at your disposal to procure any brick, block, stone or concrete product or service within the construction industry.

We can supply -

  • Pre-cast and concrete products, architectural and bespoke concrete Architectural standard and bespoke concrete
  • Concrete - copings, lintels, beams, blocks, screen blocks (floral, porto, diamond & square), sills, bollards, post caps and finials, balustrading and window surrounds, roof tiles, retaining walls, pavers and all other products
  • One-off items
  • Small Volume items
  • Limited supply products no longer in manufacture.
  • Concrete Products matched to existing products and features
  • Specialist materials or services
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

Instances where we helped.

  1. A building site in Wales urgently required a large quantity of concrete copings, they were given a lead time locally of 6 weeks. Source4me obtained and delivered the copings to site within 1 week.
  2. Recently sourced: concrete 'A' shaped bunker walls for storage bays, also available in 'L' and 'T' forms.
  3. Refractory concrete in the SE allowing for a temperature range up to 1300deg.
  4. Most manufacturing of screen blocks has ceased, including Porto, floral, diamond & square. However Source4me maintains a supplier of these.
  5. Other examples include, but are not limited to: Bison floor beams, block and beam flooring, mono block paving, ornamental concrete bollards, ready mix, and specialist mixes

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