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Metal Products

How can we help ?

We have extensive experience in the procurement and sourcing of all types of metals and metal products.

We can supply -

  • Catnic & ig metal lintels, conservation cast rooflights & sun pipes, fixings and crittle windows Ferrous & non-ferrous metals.
  • Metals - frames, fixings, gates, railings, alloys, brass, copper, steel ,stainless steel, stocked items or purpose made.
  • Lintels, curved metal beams and sections.
  • Crittle double glazed windows.
  • Sun Pipes, Sky Tubes, Sky Lights, Sky Tunnels, Light Pipes & Sola Tubes can all be supplied.
  • Rooflights, Velux & Facro, conservation & escape windows.
  • Conservation Rooflights, Cast lightpipes & rooflights for a traditional look, Victorian rooflights made from recycled steel.
  • One-off items.
  • Bulk and Small Volume sourcing to meet your requirements.
  • Specialist materials or services.
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

Instances where we helped.

  1. Stainless steel door furniture was manufactured and supplied to a company in London with the exact same specification for 25% of the architects suppliers specified costs.
  2. Heavy Duty Lintels of various descriptions, both as standard items and specially manufactured.
  3. Metal windows sourced to match art deco style house windows.
  4. Curved metal frames & glazing.
  5. A lead-free roof flashing (PIB) polyisobutylene sourced for a house builder in the UK.

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