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Your Own Building Materials Calculators

We are able to offer a facility for you to give you and your customers access to the calculators on the Source4Me site which have been customised by yourselves with your own unique vales.

These calculators can be accessed directly from your own website and "branded" with your own header and logo. If you do not have your own website, these customised calculators can still be available to your customers by using a web address which we will supply.

With your own website

We can provide you with a widget to place anywhere on your site which will link directly to your calculators. Click here to see how the widget would appear on your site

Alternatively we could provide you with the "link" code which could be anchored to specific content on your site.

This would display only the calculators with your own header/logo/company name, and does not show any of the Source4Me parent site, and will look like an extension of your own site.

An example of a typical site can be seen here.

(We would require a header/logo jpeg/gif from you for inclusion in the calculator pages. If you are unable to provide an image, we will create one for you.)

This is only 10 for initial set up and then it's free forever.

Without your own website

Not having a website doesn't stop you having your own calculators with your own logo/header. Indeed this could be your web presence

We will supply you with 2 full colour A3 posters with the site & login details.

Options and prices are the same as above and you can add a widget if you were to create a website in the future.

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