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How can we help ?

We have extensive experience in the procurement and sourcing of all types of Insulation.

We can supply -

  • Thermal, acoustic, load bearing & structural insulation, fire quilts, styrene, tiles etc. Sheeps wool, roof, wall & floor insulation, multi foil, acoustic and fire insulation
  • Elastometric, rigid polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation, insulated plasterboard, expanded polystyrene and multi foil insulations.
  • Roof insulation, underfloor, ducting & venting, dry lining, fire resistant insulations are all available.
  • Manufacturers include - Celotex, Kingspan, Quinntherm, xtratherm, Rockwool, as well as supplying the only multi foil insulation with BBA Certification currently on the market.
  • Ex-stock items or purpose made.
  • One-off items.
  • Large and Small Volume sourcing to meet your requirements.
  • Specialist materials or services.
  • Specialist insulations are supplied for fire proofing, high temperature, refrigeration & cold storage, acoustic and structural insulation applications.
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

Instances where we helped.

  1. A high density insulation foam for the development of land/water craft was sourced from America for use in the UK.
  2. An alternative multi foil insulation with a higher specification than thinsulex has now been sourced.
  3. Structural and load bearing floor insulation with a 30KN (300 tonne) per square meter capacity.

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