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Green, Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Materials

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As an environmentally aware builders merchant we endeavour where possible to source and supply materials that are a good compromise between the impact on the environment and the impact on your budget.

When possible building materials are sourced locally and with the greenest credentials possible. Please see our Environmental Policy for further information.

We are continuing to further reduce our own carbon footprint as well as maintaining our name for sourcing and procurement

We are able to source all Sustainable Building Materials.

We can supply -

  • Insulation - it need not cost the Earth, we can supply natural wool insulation, loft insulation from recycled newspaper or cloth as well as natural hemp and flax home insulation. Green & sustainable building materials sourced and supplied
  • Wooden windows & doors-high performance timber doors and wooden windows, quality, bespoke windows and doors from sustainable wood, also triple glazed systems.
  • Recycled damp proof membrane, limes, FSC sleepers, paints and so on.
  • We can supply a wide range of building materials to satisfy the requirements of individuals and businesses that are trying to minimise their environmental impact and create a healthier atmosphere inside and outside the home and workplace.
  • This includes the capability to supply a large range of traditional materials for the restoration and renovation of old buildings.
  • Specialist materials or services.
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

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