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Bricks & Blocks

How can we help ?

Our extensive experience at Source For Me is at your disposal to procure any brick, block, stone or concrete product or service within the construction industry.

We can supply -

  • Bricks - thin wall, modular, imperial, metric, special shapes, handmade, paviors, clay pavers, setts, tiles, brick biscuits & briquettes.
  • Concrete bricks and related products.
  • Stone paving & flags, cobbles & setts, lightweight, medium and dense concrete blocks
  • Blocks - dense concrete, lightweight concrete, aerated autoclaved concrete, fibrelite, or fibrolite, plasmor etc.
  • Copings, lintels, window frames, stone mullions and transoms as well as architectural stone, quoins, paving & walling.
  • One-off items and hand made.
  • Small & Large volume items.
  • Limited supply bricks no longer in manufacture.
  • Bricks matched to existing walls & photos.
  • Locally, regionally or nationally supplied bricks.
  • Copings, cant bricks, window heads & cills, also voussoir bricks.
  • Specialist materials or services.
  • Natural or reconstituted concrete or clay.
  • Any product you have difficulty in finding - please contact us, we can help.

Instances where we helped.

  1. A very specific match to a hand made 60mm imperial second hand brick was recently sourced.
  2. An individual in the North of England required bricks to match his existing property. These bricks had not been in manufacture for over a year. Source4me located the exact same brick and arranged haulage within 1 week.
  3. Sourcing refractory brick clays for potential use in kilns as well as on external pizza ovens.
  4. Most manufacturing of screen blocks has ceased, including Porto, floral, diamond & square. However Source4me maintains a supplier of these.
  5. A barn conversion in South Wales were looking for a one stop shop for the entire build. Source4me supplied everything from the ground up, including Blue Pennant stone quoins, concrete blocks & Spanish blue/black best slates.
  6. Other examples include, but are not limited to: Brick clay, refractory clays, fire clay, multis', stocks, imperial and metric, wire cut, machine cut, tumbled, stocks and so on

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